Flower Care

Taking care of your flowers

Your flowers will benefit from removing all the outer packaging and wrapping. If your flowers have been aqua packed, (packaged with the stems in water), simply hold the flowers over the sink and pierce the cellophane with a pair of scissors to release the water, then finish unwrapping. Flowers should not be left in the aqua pack – this is a temporary measure for transportation only – flowers will survive longer unwrapped in a vase.

It is very important to re-cut all the stems of your flowers before putting them in water. Use a sharp pair of scissors and snip 1 inch (2.5cm) of the stems at 45 degree angle.

Remove any lower leaves that will be below the water’s surface, as they will decay and make the water smell.

Avoid putting vases near radiators or in direct sunlight as it will affect the longevity of the flowers.

Maintain the water level in the vase and top up as necessary. After a couple of days the flowers would benefit from a complete water change.

Always wash vases with bleach and warm water before rinsing thoroughly. Dirty vases can affect how long your flowers last.